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"#1 Self Storage Broker in California"

There is Only One

Only one brokerage company can honestly say they have been committed exclusively to self storage properties in California for over 30 years. With a track record of sales of self storage properties unmatched in the state, Bancap Self Storage Group is the only firm which is truly the #1 Self Storage Broker in California.


Over $1.4 Billion in Self Storage Sales

With experience and expertise unmatched in the industry, we have brokered properties in virtually every market in the state and in every price range – from individual properties to some of the largest portfolios in the industry. Unlike some of our competitors, we focus more on selling properties than collecting listings.


Here for the Long Run

Whether it’s now, next year or ten years from now, it does not matter to us when you want to sell.  But when you are ready, we want to be the one to help you sell your storage property for top dollar. Unlike many new so-called “specialists” now in the business, we have been in the storage industry for decades and intend to be here for decades to come.


Free Property Valuation

For decision making and estate planning, refinancing estimates, estate tax basis adjustments, or just general curiosity, we offer you a free “no obligation” professional evaluation of the true market value of your property. Please use this free service whenever needed. Appraisers and lenders often ask us, you can too.

When It’s Time, Contact Us

We know you like the self storage business. We do too! We wish you much success and happiness with your investment.  When it is time for you to sell, please contact us. We look forward to being of service!


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